Public/private prezi in web search

Hi, i ve just changed from free account to private account, my prezi were public and now i move them in private but they are always on web, it s possible to remove them form web please?

Hi Justine,

Once a public prezi (or profile) is successfully removed from the public internet (by deleting or making it private), search engine results may still point to it, but the links are dead. Any visitor will only see a generic “Prezi not found” error page that doesn’t allow distinction between an invalid URL and a private prezi. Through [Google Webmasters]( you can request for this link to be removed. 

I hope this clarifies your concern.

Kind regards,

Lost files when going on line on my iPad

I’m having a similar problem as Justine, except that in addition to pictures of my Prezis and their names (which I don’t want to show up either), some of the text written in the Prezis show up in Google when someone searches my name. You can’t click on it and see the Prezi itself, but I’d rather that specific portions of my Prezis’ text not be viewable to the public especially after I’ve set them to private, along with my profile. I’ve even changed my profile name to try and remove the presentations’ association with my name, but they still appear under my name when searched.  How can this be fixed?

My problem is that an account in my name that I used for a previous job shows up. I do not have the login details and the e-mail adress used is no longer existing. I would like to delete the old presentations. 

How can I do it?

mam /sir
 i have down lode the prezi but it was in privet but after changing my account to public still it is saying that 21 days remaining???

and one more problem …that Iam on net prezi can you tell how to downlode the ppt

  hope you understand my problems