Public profile page is missing/can't access

Somehow I have the feeling I’m missing something, but:

I can’t see / access / edit my Public Page anymore. Why?

As a long-time Prezi user I used to have this address:
But I have noticed, that this is not working anymore.

I have found this tutorial to set up my Public Profile page:

But for me the button “Profile Page” is just not there…

What am I missing?

Hi @csongor_baranyai, the profile page with the username is currently discontinued, I’ll forward this feedback to our developers!

You can reach your profile page by opening one of your public presentations and then click on your username initials. Hope this helps!

Hey, thanks, I got it!
The issue was:
As all my Prezis are Classic, they have not opened up because of some Flash issues, so I have not found this… thanks!

Thanks for the workaround, unfortunately, it didn’t work for me as the initials are not clickable (no link) in my case. Seems I’m doing something wrong… could you give me a more detailed instruction? Thanks a lot!

Hi @franziska_abegglen, I’ve just tested and the initials of your account are clickable.

Could you tell me step-by-step how did you check it?