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I need to present 2 prezi during a meeting. I would like to use the screen behind me and to make repeat the presentations like a loop. I have download both prezi but how can I put them together? They are not from the same template. Is that possible to do this?
Thank you

@Fanny_Mirambeau I’m afraid it is not possible to merge two downloaded presentations, however, I can suggest the following two workarounds:

  1. Copy and paste all the topics and content from one presentation to another, in which case you could only use one template but you could export the merged presentation and set it to play automatically in the background.

  2. You can also create a screen recording of both presentations, merge the two video files and then set that to play in a loop.

I hope this helps!

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Thank you Agnes. I will try both options and see which one is the best!


Thank you for the work around. That’s so much better than the standard support response! I also want to do something similar. We have a trade show to attend & want to loop several prezi in the background.


Hello there,
I would like to ask if it is possible to merge 3 presentations into one. If yes, can you guys tell me how it can be done.
Thanks a million.

@Jan_Skipala Although it is not possible to merge presentations, you can select all the content in one presentation at once (with the Ctrl/Cmd+A shortcut) and copy+paste it into a different presentation.

This way the copied topics will be inserted into the path of the other presentation, however, you are not able to copy the template itself.

I need to copy 1 Prezi Next presentation into another Prezi Next presentation. (Vg. Lesson 1 presentation and Lesson 2 presentation, to convert both in 1 new presentation containing the old Lesson 1+Lesson2).

Hello @Trinidad_Ruiz_Tellez, I merged your post with the relevant thread. Please, check the reply above :slight_smile:

Gracias. HECHO!!

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@Trinidad_Ruiz_Tellez, espero que le haya ayudado!