Put a Prezi link on a powerpoint slide?

I am doing a presentation with two other presenters. They are using PowerPoint (which is the standard for the conference). I want to have a link on a PowerPoint page to start my Prezi presentation (and wow them!). Who can help me with the link and where/how i place the files?

Hi Christopher,

Sorry for the late answer, I hope I can still help you here. Let me kindly call your attention that this forum is primarily a place to get peer to peer support as well as get involved in discussions about Prezi with fellow Prezi users.

However every Monday through Friday, official Prezi representatives will visit the forum and correspond to topics for a few hours, our premium support (which provides e-mail assistance from a Prezi employee within 24 business hours) is a benefit we provide to Enjoy, Pro and EDU Pro license holders.

As you are one of these license holders, if you would like to e-mail to someone about a specific issue, please visit Prezi’s Learn & Support page to ‘Submit a new help request’ here:
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As for your question about the link that you need to use, if I can still help you and for future reference if you have an active internet connection where you are presenting that is all you need. You can insert the link of the prezi into the PowerPoint and then you will achieve the effect you are looking for of opening a prezi from Powerpoint.

As I am aware you can insert hyperlinks into a PowerPoint presentation. You need to insert it according to the instructions on how to do this according to PowerPoint and the required formatting structure. Then from within the Powerpoint you will open a page in a browser to your prezi.

If you would like to preform the reverse action, you can import your PowerPoint slides into Prezi, one at a time or all at once, with or without a path, using just a few clicks.
For more information please check our knowledge base here:
http://bit.ly/1b2cgc7 (PowerPoint Import)

I can also recommend this for simple steps to creating a great prezi:
http://bit.ly/1aYH917 (Simple steps to a great prezi)

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OK, I’ve been looking for the solution to the similar issue. There is a Master PowerPoint in which I need to put my Prezi. I can’t just have the file on the side, minimize the PowerPoint, open prezi, and go. So need to figure something else.

The solution I came up with is to embed an Action Button in PowerPoint and make it to start prezi. Specifically, in PowerPoint (I’m using PowerPoint 2011 for Mac), click on Insert - Shape… and then select “Action Buttons” from the drop down menu that is set to “All Shapes” by default.

Select Action Button: Custom

An “Action Settings” dialog box will appear. Select “Run program” and click on “Select”. Navigate to your Prezi file (the one you would use to present the prezi), then click OK. (You can have this set to “Mouse click” or “Mouse over,” which I would not recommend.)

In presentation mode in PowerPoint, once you click on the action button, the prezi opens, you can make it full screen, and present from there. Once you are done with the prezi, close it, and the PowerPoint presentation resumes in presentation mode.

Might be a way to work around this issue that still is not resolved…

This is *exactly* what I was looking for.  Thank you.  This was incredibly helpful.

If you want something more seamless take a look at https://www.liveslides.com/websites/prezi/. LiveSlides is PowerPoint add-in that embeds live web content in your presentation. What’s nice about LiveSlides is that you don’t have to break out of the fullscreen PowerPoint presentation experience to display your Prezi; it just loads right on the slide and you can click through it, then hit the “next” button to continue with the PowerPoint presentation.

Lisa, we’ve built a plug-in at https://www.liveslides.com/websites/prezi/ that makes it possible for your customers to embed Prezi presentations into PowerPoint without having to click a link and launch a new window.

But what if I use prezi Desktop ? 

Only works if you have a public prezi… but what if you have prezi desktop and only the .exe file?

Thanks! That’s amazing!!