Quality of exported PDF



I am sorry to say, when I found that there is no tool to convert my presentations from Classic to Next I said ok and spent dozens of hours of creating presentation in Prezi Next from scratch. I like some new features in Next especially presenter notes and presenter view.
Indeed as training provider I need to print also my presentations for my students and I found the quality of exported pdf files very poor. What I really don’t understand is if it is not better in comparison to Classic why it is not at least on same level?

Anybody knows how to increase the quality of PDF? Not just pictures also text in Next horrible.

Here is example of comparison Classic (Above part) and Next (below part).

Thank you


@Rastislav_Hovancak We are sorry you are not satisfied with the PDF export feature.

I am forwarding your request to the responsible team and hopefully the quality of the exported PDF files will be improved in the near future.


I have the same issue and have found no answers. This has been going on for a while. Are you even looking at this issue with PDF files?


@Luis_Alvarez, as I have mentioned in this topic, PDFs that are getting blurry might be not vector-based, that can result in blurriness.

Also, please keep in mind that any image larger than 1800x pixels in width will be automatically resized, which can result in a loss of resolution/quality, but inserting the image close to the maximum width will most likely result in a higher quality export than a smaller image would.