Question about Overview Pages, Covers & Topic Zoom Area

On my overview page I’m using topics to act as a kind of table of contents

  • When I place a topic there is a topic zoom area. How is this created and what determines it’s size?
  • Can it be resized? Or placed in a certain spot. It seems to “capture” whatever graphics are put on or near it.
    -Around the topic area appears a box that says “Visible inside and outside” what does this mean and what is it’s function?


  • Topics are connected by a little yellow line when you try to arrange or move them, what is this line?
  • Can’t move topics too close to each other without moving others that are connected by the line, why is thois happening?

Hello, @Alimat.

  • The adjustable cover area increases (or decreases) depending on the size and position of objects within it. Anything within this area is part of your topic cover.

  • The cover zoom area is the focal point of what your audience will see when entering a topic or subtopic. Content within the zoom area can be set to remain visible or fade away when zooming in or out of the topic.

  • The zoom area can be edited by right-clicking (CMD/CTRL+click) directly on a side of the rectangle, and selecting Edit topic zoom area. You can then move and resize the zoom area as needed.

On more information about topic covers, please see this article.

  • The yellow lines just show the sequence of topics, they can be helpful what is an object and what is a topic while editing – only topics are connected that way.

  • Could you please elaborate more on this one? Is it something that is described in this post?