Question about Prezi Next


My name is Jure and i work in the IT departments for a Buisness school DOBA from Slovenia.
We are looking into getting the Prezi next account for presentations for our students.

I have a few questions before we make a subscription. If i understand correctly you can only use autoplay function if you download the prezi presentation and use it with the desktop program ? But i read somewhere that if you include audio into the presentation the autoplay isn’t available ? Is that correct ?

Thank you for your answers

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Hey @Jure_Savinc the above information is correct - autoplay is only available for portable presentations downloaded with the desktop application, and if the presentation contains audio, autoplay won’t be available.

Let us know if you have any other questions :slight_smile:

Why is it like this ? Why cant the presentation be autoplayed if it contains audio ?

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Hi @Jure_Savinc, the autoplay is not available with audio due to syncing issues. I am forwarding your request, however, to our product team so they can check on the possibilities for this.