Randomized dice role?

Howdy prezi community!

Does anyone know if there is a way I could make it so that at a certain point in my presentation there is a randomized dice role (or just a random number displayed between 1 and 6)? I know I could probably animate one, but I want the number to be randomized. Any tips or workarounds would be appreciated!


Hello @Carlos_Vazquez1, currently it’s not possible to insert a randomised dice role in a presentation as you would need to connect it to topics/subtopics or use animations to recreate the random numbers.

By other hand, if you create anything with Prezi Design, you’ll able to insert an iframe, so you can easily integrate an external dice role in your designs, such as this example.

Hope this could help!

Prezis are composed of static content and there are no developer APIs or hooks that open the door to dynamic content.

The iframe idea from @Catarina is a nice hack. You could embed this youtube video and during your presentation stop it at a random point.