Readability of Presenter Notes on the desktop app

I am creating a Prezi video from an Imported Prezi file. I am struggling to use my presenter notes effectively while recording the video.

  1. It does not provide me an option to reduce the display font so so that I can see my entire script without the need to scroll down.
  2. There seems to be a lot of blank space available on the right but I cannot find a way to adjust my script by moving some of the lines up. Again, this will help me avoid the downward scroll while recording the video. See highlighted area below.

For point 2 above, see the highlighted area in this screenshot.

Hello @Anveshi_Gutta currently, you can only slightly resize the presenter notes area by hovering over the border of the presentation window and the notes section and dragging the notes downward. As of now, it is not possible to adjust the notes to cover the empty area or the text size, however, this is valuable feedback that we can forward to our developers.