Recording a video in the desktop app (EDU Plus)

Dear Prezi support team,

The video recording feature does not work in my prezi video desktop app.
When I click the “Upgrade now” button I get redirected to

where a screen appears, saying

You now have Prezi Edu Plus .
Enjoy creating crisp, clear, unlimited length HD videos with the Prezi Video desktop app.”

The “Close” button, however, does not work and the desktop app seems to keep waiting forever on the web app.
I am still in the trial phase of the plan, could this be an issue?

Hello @Roland_Braune, in the trial phase for EDU Plus you’re able to test all the features, including recording through the desktop application.

Firstly, I would recommend you to reinstall it through this link, and try to record once again through there. If it doesn’t work, could you please send us a screenshot of what you see?

Hope to hear from you soon!

Dear Catarina,

Thanks for your quick reply.

I have proceeded as advised, but it is still not working.

I have attached a screenshot of both, the desktop app (cam has been switched off only for the screenshot) and the browser window after clicking the “Upgrade now” button in the app…

Best regards,


Here comes the second screenshot…

Hello @Roland_Braune, thank you so much for sending those informations!

I was investigating your account and it seems like you have two different ones registered in Prezi.

Firstly, make sure you’re only logged into your educational account in all the used browsers. After, open the application once again.

Let me know if this could resolve the issue!

Dear Catarina,

This in fact was the issue – I logged myself out from the web platform and used the log-in function of the desktop app. Now it works.

Thanks for your quick and effective help, I really appreciate that!

Kind regards,


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Hello @Roland_Braune, I’m really glad the issue is resolved now, let us know if you need further help!