Recover Earlier Version (revert presentation)

Now there is only picture and info on the first topic slide

Is it not recoverable?

Hi @Zachai_Poole, please note that we are not checking the content of the presentation when we recover an earlier version. Please let us know and exact time and date when the presentation was correct and we can revert to the nearest save point.

I. have a presentation that I need an previous version of, the current one is all messed up the version I need was on 10/11/21 at 5:43 PM EST … FY23 Budget Presentation … can you help me get it back.

Hello @christina_williams, I merged your post with the relevant thread. We have reverted your presentation, could you please check it? :slight_smile:

Hello, Can you revert my prezi to 10:30 pm PST 10/24/2021. It deleted the information in a table I had and it won’t let me undo.

Hi @user15, the project has been reverted, could you please check it?

Got it! Thank you!