Recover Earlier Version (revert presentation)

Does this link help: Log In | Prezi

Hi @Niels_Mossel, thanks for the link, I’ve reverted the presentation. Could you please check if it’s the correct version?

Hi Bart, thanks for your help. I don’t see the reverted presentation, maybe it takes a while? And for a next time, is reverting a presentation possible to do by myself?

Hi @Niels_Mossel, reverting a presentation is not available to our users at this time.

Could you please tell me when exactly did you have the correct version of the above-mentioned presentation? Reverting should be instant so you should see the effects already.

Hi Mark,

That’s hard to say. I think this happened a week ago or less. The only thing i have changed, was to select the button ‘adjust your content’ last week.

Hi @Niels_Mossel, could you please give me an exact date? I would not be able to revert properly without an exact date when it was still correct.

Hi Bart,

I just found out that the presentation is reverted! In the dashboard i still see the old wrong version, but when i open it, it looks great like it was. Thanks a lot!


I messed up and deleted 99% of my presentation when I edited it and I need to recover it right now, as my deadline is tomorrow!
The presentation is named Copy of KRONOMATIQ and needs to be reverted back to NOV 24, 2021.

Can anyone please help me, how do I do this?

Best regards

Hello @Robin_Schultz, I merged your post with the relevant thread.

We’ve reverted your presentation, could you please check it?

Can you please revert my Prezi Log In | Prezi to the version at 8am EST today?

Hi @user51, unfortunately, I cannot find this presentation, it might be deleted.

Hey, can someone please help me recover my presentation asap?

Hello @Layla_Ahmed_Mourad, I have merged your post with the relevant thread.

We’ve reverted the presentation, could you please check it?

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all the work is back, thank you so much

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hey prezi,
im sorry to be asking this again but my presentation got deleted again, could you please revert it? i was also wondering if there’s any way for you to tell me who or how the presentation got deleted

here’s the link to the presentation:

Hey Prezi, my you retrieve my presentation please, not the video presented layout but the newspaper one . Here’s the link:

it should look like this:

Thank you so much!

@Layla_Ahmed_Mourad we’ve reverted the presentation, could you please check it?

Unfortunately, we’re unable to provide those informations.

Hello @Jamal_El-deen_Qassas, there isn’t any big loss of content registered in our database, and currently your overview looks exactly like the image you’ve sent. Do you still need any assistance?

Hello Prezi, Can you help me? I made a small modification to my prezi earlier today, and now it won’t work anymore on Prezi Video app. Can you please revert it to the earlier version I saved yesterday?
Thank you
The title is “2022 Distanza Secondaria”, I am owner.

When I select the prezi it in the prezi video app (mac, version 1.14.0 -cant update bc incompatible w my macOS) it says to try again or contact you. thanks!