Recover Earlier Version (revert presentation)

Hello @SM_09MM_965305_Steph, I’ve moved your post to the relevant topic. Please note that to revert a presentation the owner should request the change.

Hello, @Catarina I need this presentation to be reverted to the version it was on 15 05 2022. Can you help me?

Hello @Katherine_Mejia, we reverted the presentation, could you let us know if this is the version you’re looking for? :slight_smile:

Tahnk you so much! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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My school presentation has lost all my work that I have done and now appears blank.
Please can you re-instate the presentation as I do not want to get 0 on my school assignment?
The presentation is: hitchhikers guide to the galaxy by jean gaud on Prezi Next
The external link is: hitchhikers guide to the galaxy by jean gaud on Prezi Next

This is urgent! Thanks

Hello @jean_gaud, unfortunately, there are no previous versions of this empty presentation. Either the changes were never synced with our servers, or the previous version is on a different document.

I have lost my presenter notes for my opening slide due to what looks like the notes from another slide which have replaced them. Is it possible to restore a previous version from today at 17:24 uk time to see if it goes back to having the correct notes at all please?

Hello @Nicola_Morrison, I can see there has been a recent edit in the presentation, would you still like us to revert it to a previous version?

URGENT! Hello! I will have a presentation tomorrow and some slides are missing…
Can you please revert the changes in this document to the june 21st version please?

Hello @Nando_Correia, I’ve reverted your document, could you please check on it?

I have logged on to prezi today to find my most recent prezi has been wiped of most of its slides, is it possible to revert to the edited version saved last night with over 20 slides?

The link is Log In | Prezi

Hello @Letitia_Underwood, I merged your post with the relevant thread.

It seems like your content has been been recovered already, is there anything else we can assist with?