Recover Earlier Version (revert presentation)

Hello @urabel121,
Could you please detail what time zone you are in?
Were you editing this presentation online in a browser or the Prezi Next desktop application?

GMT +3
edited online in browser Google Chome on computer

Hello @urabel121, I’m merging your request with the relevant topic. I’ve checked on the backups, and I can only see a bigger data loss (or deletion) on the presentation at the end of August, more precisely, the 31st. Would it be okay to revert to that version?

The data loss occurred exactly at 13:00-14:00 (GMT +3) on September 8, in the morning of September 8, the presentation was empty - I just started doing it in the morning. There is no possibility to return the presentation by version 13:00 (GMT +3) on September 8?
August 31 is definitely not the same, the presentation was made one day on September 8
Thanks for the answer =)

Can you help me recover an earlier version of my presentation too? Thanks.

Hello @urabel121, I reverted your presentation now to a previous version on the morning of September 8th. Please refresh the page and let me know if that is the correct version. :slight_smile:

Hi @Robin_Esho, you mentioned in your PM to my colleague that the loss happened around 1 PM Australian time - could you please clarify which Australian timezone exactly? Please also make a copy of the presentation before I revert to an earlier version.

It’s fine i fixed it, thank you though.

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Me podría ayudar a revertir la presentación en la fecha del 12 de septiembre de 2022. Por favor

Hola @Lorena_Perez_Romo, ya te he contestado a tu mensaje privado. Por favor, comprueba tu bandeja de entrada. :slight_smile:

Thank you, everything is fine! Have a nice day =)

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Prezi deleted my content in the bubbles, but not the main topics… can I restore an old version of it? Cannot find ANY related help.

Hello @Elise_Hicks, I’ve merged your question to the relevant topic.

Could you please let me know a date and time (with the timezone) when your presentation was still correct?

Hi, Bart!

It was still correct between 7PM and 7:10PM (EST) on Wednesday, September 14th, 2022. The presentation was full/completed with information in chronological order until slide 20. For some reason, I did not lose all of my content-- the overall frames were still in, but I lost the final subtopics before it zoomed back to the main page from “James-Christian.” For some reason, what I did most recently is still in-- but the middle content was overridden and replaced with the default.

Hope this helps! Thank you s much for your time!

Hi @Elise_Hicks, I’ve reverted your presentation to a date close to what you mentioned. Could you please check if it’s the correct one?

I’ll be able to revert to the previous one if you’d prefer that one.

Hi! Unfortunately, that is still incorrect… it erased content further. Is there any more content either a few days before the current timestamp I gave you or just prior to 9/18? What I am looking for are slides 3, 7, 10, 13, 19, completed. If you can find those full of information, that is what I am in search of!

Hello @Elise_Hicks, I’ve reverted the presentation to a different timestamp around 9/18.

Please note that I cannot check the content of the presentation so I cannot confirm if it is the correct version. It might be possible that there was a connection error that caused the data loss, so maybe the content you are looking for is not available on our servers.

Please, can you help me get back te old version of the presentation ‘betoog’ (september 24, around 13.15)

Hi @Mahdiyeh_Tawakoli

I have reverted your presentation. Could you please check it to make sure it’s okay?