Remote button doesn't show up on PC app



I recently had a training session with our Strategic Acct Mgr & he showed a Remote button option in the Desktop app. He was using a Mac. We’re on Windows 10 PCs/laptops here and the button does not appear. I let him know, but thought it worth mentioning here as well in case others see this. It’s an issue in the PC app, I guess, and I’m hoping we can have resolved. I know there’s a workaround (Edit/Present/Remote) but the button seems quite convenient and is obviously meant to be there. (Circled area in photo.)


@Plastic_Ingenuity The current version of the Windows app only has a “Quick Present” feature so right now the remote clicker function can only be activated from the editor as you mentioned.

I will forward your feedback regarding the necessity of a more easily accessible button for the remote clicker function.


@Agnes yes, please, and thank you! It seems a shame the PC app doesn’t include when the Apple app does.


I think this may have been resolved! :slight_smile: