Remote Clicker Not Working

I use a remote USB clicker to move from slide to slide. It works fine in Prezi Edit mode. But when I download my Prezi for portable use (self-contained presentation), the remote clicker no longer works. I’m forced to use the arrow buttons directly on my PC.

What am I missing? How can I use my remote USB clicker on a portable (downloaded) Prezi?

Hello @John_La_Grou, could you please send us the model of the clicker you are using so we can investigate it?

Here’s the clicker,

Hello @John_La_Grou, unfortunately we don’t officially support that clicker, so we cannot guarantee that it will work out with Prezi. We can recommend you the Logitech Spotlight (which is officially supported) or the Logitech R400/R800.

Hello there,

i bought following Presenter:

So its the Wireless Presenter by Doosl, Model: DSIT0011

And as i first tried it this afternoon it worked on Prezi Next 1.22 (Build 3, 64 bit)
But now, in the evening, i can’t skip pages anymore. The enter/tab-function on the presenter still works, as well as the laserpointer but not the skipping. When i try with Power-Point the skipping works. Can you tell me what the problem might be?


Hello @Thomas_Britz, I merged your post to the relevant thread. We will try and test this clicker and get back to you.

Meanwhile, I would also recommend using your mobile device as a clicker. If you have further questions, please let me know!

Is there a page that has a list of currently supported clickers? If not, there definitely should be one.

I’m tryjng to get Prezi to work with DSan Perfect Cue. Prezi won’t advance with the clicker. DSan Perfect Cue is an industry standard, so I will be surprised if Prezi won’t support it.

Any ideas?

Hello @Ty_Hardman, we have never tested the DSan Perfect Cue, so we cannot guarantee it will work out. We can recommend you to use the Logitech Spotlight (which is officially supported) or the Logitech R400/R800.