Remote Presenting

i dont know if this was already brought up, so please dont kill me if so (i couldnt find anything):

everyone knows software like virtual classroom, etc. where you make (powerpoint) presentation to people all over the world.
wouldnt it be nice when people can open for example a prezi from me in “view mode”, the cannot navigate through the prezi but see what i see when i present the prezi, like in a virtual classroom. so i could present remote and all connected people see the same screen i see, on their browser. shouldnt be that hard, the prezi is already on your server and only the navigate-command comes from another user.

would be really great!

God Idea, I like it. Is it not possible to use a screensharing service (skype, yuguu) to emote presenting. I guess it’d be better if we integreted this function into Prezi but maybe we can find a workaround.


would be really great, i tried some screensharing-service and they are all too slow for prezi, looks terrible (special with videos), so thats why i think it is better when each client sees the prezi in his browser, not my slowliy transmitted screen :slight_smile:

Remote control would be fabulous. Have a look at the way does it:

If Prezi could do that, it would blow everyone’s socks off!

@Ryan this describes exactly what i mean, thank you!

you are completly right, if prezi could do this with a prezi-presentation, it would blow everyone’ socks off!

This is a great idea and the bandwidth to send just the presenters mouse and keyboard strokes would be tiny.

I plan to use prezi to build websites.
I would use this feature lots if i could broadcast a prezi while i was making it.
I could be on the phone with a client and make changes right in front of there eyes, and they would pick up on what I was doing fast so they could gain more creative control over there site! Very exiting

Come to think of it if you could see a list of the people tuned into your
prezi you could select one of them and pass the control over to anyone you want (with the option to take it back). That would be great for team design and team presentation.

I love this idea but just basic remote presenting would be key. Ideally we could send a link to invitees and they would “join the presentation”. Then we could drive the presentation remotely and they would have no control on their end. This would be a absolutely fantastic!

Hey guys,

we’ve implemented the first alpha version of telepresenting during flight to san francisco from budapest. (thanks for long laptop battery life)

Anyway if you would like in a closed beta tester group subscribe to the mailing list here:…

And send a introductory email about who you are how would you use the function.

I think we can start testing in september


8 month ago there was a good reaction. What is the status of remote presenting now? I am doing a prezi presentation from Amsterdam this afternoon in miami (for 1000 people) and use webex to move the presentation ahead with arrow left/right. Would be great to have this in prezi

Yeah, I used to work in the WebEx division when Cisco acquired them. This presentation tool sucks remotely due to the FPS and web conferencing uses.

I had to abandon this product until this fix this gapping hole of only being able to present remotely (that’s encompasses the full experience). They are either blinded by ignorance or there is not enough demand to enable doing this remotely.

Either way, its sad.

I agree. This is the #1 reason that my company does not use Prezi. There were some beta attempts 8 months ago by Prezi to do telepresent. Then everything went completely silent.

We are still hoping for this great feature. We are still struggling along with GoToWebinar - looking to jump ship after the recent 600% price hike. Prezi would be it for us if it could do webinars.

This feature would be very useful. Second life recently introduced an advanced web browser that can view flash/prezi. the telepresent feature is nescessary to make it work in sl properly. A “start fullscreen”/“full browser window”-URL would be great for that too… why don’t you enable some javascript api in the presenter - so everyone can implement their own telepresent function…

Hoping this could be sorted out soon, I have over 9000 users I could sell this idea to…

Like everybody here, for me would be awesome if Prezi would have a remote control API throught javascript.
I need some methods to be exposed to javascript. Methods such as play, nextSlide, prevSlide, jumpTo, pause.
I would like to control a prezi presentation based on javascript events.
Do you have such API?

add me to the ‘Remote Presenting’ option.

This was just added. The capable can now implement a remote presenting system on their own.

Guys, any news on this topic? 

How can I present with Prezi to other people in real time with real time sound?