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I’m a new user, still in trial mode. I’m preparing a prezi to send to clients instead of a pdf, but I don’t want to confuse them with the Prezi Next banner with Request a Demo, etc. We are sending our pitch somewhat unsolicited and if need the topic we’re presenting to be the main attraction. Can I get around this with upgraded plans or other options? Thx!



It’s not possible to hide that line in the browser but would perhaps sending out the downloaded version of the presentation work for you? For further details, please check this article in our Knowledge Base.



That top banner that others see when they follow a link to my Prezi presentation is a serious problem for me. Many of my presentations are based directly on those from previous years (with slight updates), so the links to other presentations at the top of a presentation seem like they might be links to the current presentation, and also provide people with access to my old versions. Imagine if Powerpoint made you place versions of your old presentations above the one you were delivering?!

So I’ve had to go back and change the permissions on dozens of presentations to Hidden so they wouldn’t show up (which of course promotes less sharing rather than more - the opposite to Prezi’s intentions). Even other people’s Prezis that now come up are distracting.

Presentations are not videos, and they need to be able to be shared without distracting references to other presentations (so YouTube style paradigms shouldn’t be used). Prezi, I pay for this service, and that top banner of other presentations when I share mine is overwhelming and distracting. Please remove the top banner.

A/Professor Matt Bower



Hello @Matt_Bower, could you please send us a screenshot of how do you see the top banner of your presentations?



what about this solution? Prezi Business Fullscreen Mode Top "Ad" Bar Removal?
Not sure if it’s the same concern or not, but thought I’d suggest you look just in case-



Thanks for trying Plastic_Ingenuity. But the article you refer to relates to the old Prezi link structures, and when I tried it on the new Prezi link structure it didn’t work (403 and 404 error messages).

Here is a screenshot of what I mean (below). You can see my presentation but then all of the links to other presentations at the top (which used to be my old presentations until I went through and manually hid them all). The link to the presentation is

Gee it would be great to be able to use the short URL like Prezi used to allow in the good old days.



Hello @Matt_Bower, thanks for reaching out to us and we are sorry for the inconvenience you have experienced. We are glad that you were able to find a workaround by setting the presentations that shouldn’t be displayed as recommendations to private. We also have communicated your feedback to our Product team and they will take it in consideration for future product developments.