Remove pop up asking for emails on public Prezis

Dear Prezi, I’ve been a 9-year customer with many clients. I love Prezi, however, your pop-up asking for people’s email addresses on a shared public Prezi link is asinine. I have clients in their 60s who are not tech-savy and DO NOT know how to bypass this. This pop-up is distributive especially for people who pay for your service. Please disable this feature and ask for more people to file additional complaints.

Hi @Andrew_Yee, thank you for the reaching out. Please know that we forwarded this feedback to our product team.

Hi @Andrew_Yee, we reached out to the team responsible for marketing communications. :slight_smile:
They gave us the following information: ‘‘The pop-up only appears on the public view page. If the user were to create a unique view link to send directly to their customers, they wouldn’t see the pop-up at all.’’
Could you please let me know if creating a unique view link as a solution has worked out for you?