Remove the virtual camera for other apps

Hi there, Prezi Video looks fabulous but I haven’t been unable to use it for the moment (login issue) but what really bothers me is that it acts as a virtual webcam, and it interferes with other apps on my macos 10.14, chiefly Google Chrome: I need to use the video feed from my webcam on some webpages and whereas it works for some teleconference apps, like jitsi, it doesn’t for others and I don’t seem to be able to change the webcam it uses, which is stuck on Prezi Video :frowning:
I tried to simply delete the desktop app Prezi Video, but I have been unsuccessful in doing it completely: I am stuck with this useless virtual video whereas the app is deleted. How do I completely remove Prezi Video desktop drivers?

Thanks, best regards, Christian


Hi @Christian_Mercat, have you tried to change the camera settings in Google Chrome? You should be able to select your FaceTime Camera which is your built-in camera on your Mac.

If you wish to completely delete Prezi Video I would suggest you uninstall it via the installer that you can download from here.

Hope this helps!

Seriously, I have been a prezi user for years and loved this new feature - but you guys just took over my computer’s camera - I can’t use screencastify without your logo showing up…wtf? I was about to recommend you to my whole school as a good option for online learning, but, now I am uninstalling . Get it together.

Hello @steve_dreher, I merged your post with the relevant thread. We are very sorry for the inconvenience this might have caused, please follow the recommendation mentioned by my colleague @Bart:

Were you able to change to your built-in camera?

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This preference in Google Chrome has no effect on the choice of the webcam, I am stuck with Prezi Video virtual webcam. But it works in Firefox though, so I switched to FF for these web pages where I need my built-in camera. It is really annoying. I don’t know where to switch off Prezi Video virtual cam.

Hi @Christian_Mercat, please find my previous answer below. :slight_smile:

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Last week I loaded Prezi Video desktop app. Once I loaded it, I could no longer open Adobe Premiere Pro 2020. When I try to open Premiere it just hangs and will not open. I use Premiere all the time so it took me a minute to figure out what changed. When I deleted Prezi Video App, Premiere would now open. I don’t have to have the Prezi Video app open for this to happen. I’ve tried this twice now to confirm the problem. I need both programs because I am making some changes to my Prezi Video.

Are these two programs sharing some type of resource related to video access? Has anyone else had this problem?

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Sigo sin poder usar mi camara normal de MAC porque la camara de “PREZI VIDEO VIRTUAL CAMARA” sigue apareciendo, ya intente con los dos links que dejaron arriba y sigue apareciendome la camara de PREZI, porfavor diganme como eliminarla de mi Chrome porque no me deja usar mi camara normal!!!

Hola @Aranza_Alonso, Debería cambiar su cámara predeterminada en Google Chrome o eliminar la cámara de video Prezi.

Por favor revise el siguiente comentario.

Si aún está bloqueado por la cámara virtual, hágamelo saber qué experimenta exactamente y puedo investigar esto más a fondo.

This did not work for me. I’m using a macbook air.

Hi @Arya_Jain, could you please explain what is the exact issue that you are trying to solve?

Hi, whenever i turn on my zoom or microsoft team camera i see the prexi video logo. I’m not getting the option to switch back to my built in FaceTime HD Camera. I deleted the app but it still didnt work. I went to system preferences and disabled camera access for prezi but it still didnt work. I tried to implement your google setting strategy and it still didnt work. It seems like Prezi has taken over my laptop camera. Whenever i turn on my camera on Teams or zoom, i see the Prezi Video logo. How do i remove that and switch back to my Laptop’s FaceTime HD Built-in camera?

Hi @Arya_Jain, please note that if you have Prezi listed in System Preferences then the application has not been properly uninstalled. Could you send me a screenshot of the Prezi Video logo that is showing up?

What happens if you are clicking on the small arrow next to the Stop Video in Zoom? What are the cameras you are seeing there?