Remove voice narration from Prezi

I edited an old prezi during Covid, and made significant changes to it due to syllabus changes made because students were sent home. I also added narration. We are now back fully live and in person, and I wish to remove the narration. Is this possible, and how?

Hi @Paul_Carron, could you please let me know if the presentation is in a video or a Present presentation format?

How did you add the narration to the presentation?

Hi Bart,

It’s a presentation. I think I used Prezi’s add narration feature, but it was two years ago some I’m not positive lol…



Hi @Paul_Carron, thanks, in that case, you most probably have created a video using your presentation. The narration should be the audio channel of your video.

This means that you should be able to edit your presentation and use it without the narration or record another video narration using your updated project.

Hope this helps!

Sorry Bart, I didn’t make a video. I added narration to each individual element. Here is the presentation if that helps:


Hi @Paul_Carron, thanks for the link and the explanation. In this case, you could just open your presentation in edit mode, and remove the audio commentary in the following menu:
Insert - Audio

Here is a nice article about the audio feature.

It seemed that I had to upgrade my account, but the educators tier I figured that was worth it, and it worked!