Repeated and Varied Prezi Failures


I’m a teacher who has multiple prezis with sound for students to use. We have been experiencing many, many failures for months now. Sometimes the student can see the pictures, but not hear the sound. Sometimes, everything works, but only for half of the presentation. There are other errors; it seems like it’s never the same thing twice. Different students, different prezis, different devices, it doesn’t matter. I’m at my wit’s end and am considering leaving prezi altogether. Please help.


Hello, @Amy_Rawlings. I am sorry to hear you have faced with many issues. If you use Prezi within one school network, it is possible that the problem is connected to firewall. Could you please check our topic on firewall issues and make sure they don’t get in the way?


Lana, our IT people have told me that they don’t believe our firewalls are the problem, but what convinces me that they are correct is that this has happened to students at home and at the town library. It’s not confined to the school network.


I understand. In that case, could you please provide us with more information so that we could look into it?

This is what we’d need to get a better understanding of the issue:

  1. A precise description of all the issues, if possible
  2. Links to the presentations in question (you can just open them in Edit mode and send those links to us)
  3. System specifications of the laptops of the students who have experienced issues - in order for us to make sure they match the system requirements

Thank you.



I’m going to poll my students for this info, so it will take me a least a week, but I will get it for you. Thank you so much for helping!


Thank you. That will help us to be able to assist you better.


18 students responded and this is the data they gave me. Also, one wanted me to include that she couldn’t get it to work in Chrome but in Microsoft Edge, it did.

Device used

12 phones

5 Chromebooks

6 Windows Laptops

1 Macbook Air

1 Amazon Fire

5 PCs


school network

public library



The sound would cut off after two words so I couldn’t understand what it was trying to say.

It would start saying something then it would cut off and not play anymore, I would skip ahead and go back and if I went ahead it would not even have sound. If I went back it would not play.

couldn’t load prezi presentaion

I would be listening and it would either cut out a few sentences or be to fuzzy that I could understand anything.
On both devices, the sounds were not working at all, i couldn’t really zoom out to choose which slide I wanted to be on. The only thing that was popping up for me was the pictures. I eventually got it to work after installing the Prezi app on my phone, however i had to go to the link in our classroom first and then open the Prezi on the app.

On both the school computer and my smartphone, the Prezi would not play the audio that was pre-recorded. I also had difficulty switching between different slides. The audio would also stop mid-sentence, so i was unable to fully understand what the audio was saying. Nonetheless, I still completed the notes, ignoring the glitches in the audio.

When I would get go prezi it would start talking and saying the first or second word and then quit talking. When it would go to the next slide sometimes it would say a few words and others it would not talk at all. Also the slides were not going in order and it wouldn’t just play the slides.

I could see everything, but I could not get the audio to work. I tried taking my phone off silent, putting in headphones, turning my phone off and then back on again, but nothing would work.
i was having a hard time trying to get the pictures to load and to hear the audio. Sometimes i could hear the audio and not see the pictures and sometimes i could not hear the audio but i could see the picures.

I could play the prezi but once it played the sound would cut off and I couldn’t hear.

The audio wasn’t working, with or without earbuds.

The images worked fine, but the audio would cut off halfway through playing. It would just abruptly cut off the speaker’s voice in the middle of a sentence.

The prezi would take a long time to even start and once it did, the audio would cut off. I had to press the next arrow but it wouldn’t continue from where the audio cut off. It would move on to something else and the same problem repeated.

It was very laggy, slow. It didn’t let me see the pictures sometimes. It would pause the recording mid-way through.

I wasnt able to hear any sound while i was on chrome, but i logged onto internet explorer and i could hear it and see it there

Prezis attempted (This spans a period of about 8-12 months)

I’ll attach the other two links in a separate message.



Thanks for the specifications, Amy. We will make sure to test the presentations in different environments but what is clear from your descriptions is that many students use unsupported devices and networks where the internet might be laggy because of firewall and security settings (school, public library).

All of those students who watch the presentations on a mobile/iPad/tablet device should make sure to open these from the Prezi Viewer app, otherwise, they won’t appear or might not appear correctly.


Many of them have used or tried to use the Viewer app and it doesn’t help. Could it be the size of the file?


I’ve tested your presentations and I could reproduce the issue. It seems that the audio files weren’t uploaded correctly - it’s possible that they didn’t upload the whole file only its first parts. Could you try to reinsert the audio files again and see if that helps?