Reports not loading

Everytime I try to edit a report, it hangs at the loading ring. I have tried in both Chrome and Edge, both are the same. This is only happening in Reports, I can edit videos and presentations fine. I have tried clearing cookies/cache and still no luck. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Hello @Piran_Yogarajah, could you please clarify if that happens in Prezi Present or Prezi Design?

Does it work if you edit the report in an incognito window? You can open an incognito window with CTRL+Shift+n on Windows or CMD+Shift+n for Mac.

Hi Laura,

Same issue with incognito mode (spinning circle).
When I try with a presentation deck, I have no issues but every other type it hangs

Hi @Piran_Yogarajah, could you please advise if you work in Prezi Design or in Prezi Present so we can better investigate?

Please also send us a full screenshot of the issue so we can properly see what’s happening.