Request for ability to type on a path, or offset from an object



I would like to add to the Ideas bucket again! :laughing: I think it would benefit the creative look of prezi presentations if we were given the ability to type our text in fun ways, such as along a path (to match an arrow or other curved line) or around the perimeter of a topic/subtopic bubble, or even around the corner of a rectangular object/photo…


I see what you mean, it does sound very creative! In the meantime, for shorter texts, such as titles, we can recommend using individual letters in test boxes. I just copy-pasted the same letter (M) to maintain the size and changed the letters.


I like it! But I’m thinking about something a bit longer in the future- like “Business Redundancy & Continuity” so it might be too complicated with the suggested technique. I’ll give it a shot with shorter words though, in the meantime!


Glad you like it! And, yes, I understand that it is not optimal for long phrases, unfortunately.


I also think that this would be a neet feature.