Request for embedded web browser

I don’t know if this is a bit specialised, but we have started to create Prezi’s with web links inside. Currently following the link switches out of Prezi to either another window/tab (if online) or from the portable Prezi to the browser, if using a portable Prezi.

When they have finished looking at the web page they must:

  • close the window or tab (as appropriate), but be careful not to close the Prezi, if it’s running in another tab
  • go back to full screen, if using an online Prezi, but not if using portable Prezi
  • if running a portable Prezi on a Mac, click somewhere on the Prezi, but not on a link, to re-focus it, but not on Windows

Unsurprisingly, people find this all a little confusing.

It would be great if Prezi had an embedded browser, that let people follow a link, review a site, then move on with the Prezi, maybe just by using the arrow key. No messing about!