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I’m newer to Prezi, and while I love the flexibility in presenting, the back-end interface has been pretty frustrating to try to navigate so far… I’ve run into so many technical glitches that I’m really wondering if this software is remotely worth the time and effort it’s requiring.

The Overview wouldn’t fit our background image, so I searched here and tried the “fit overview to canvas” options suggested here by putting text boxes toward the edge, but that didn’t work - it seemed like no matter what I tried, the Overview would just shrink down to the center of the canvas. After mucking around a while I used Ctrl+A to put the overview larger/toward the edges of the canvas. This mostly worked, although sometimes it still glitches in and I have no idea why.

When I move to presenter mode, or exit the presentation and the re-enter edit mode, the Overview slide shifts around the page, and it moves the topics around the page in a way that doesn’t work at all. The whole point of visual presenting is to be able to put things where you want them - if they won’t stay there, and the formatting is getting all messed up, then I can’t use my presentations.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance for your help!

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Hi Catarina!

I have experienced the same issue. I could not make the overview fit my (own) background image the way I wanted to, so I followed the tips about expanding my overview area by putting objects further to the edges, just like @Amanda_Velderman. It proved to be successful and the overview was a perfect fit for my background.
So I placed my topic in a specific place and it looked great in the editor mode. Then I switched to presenter mode and I found out the topic was not where I put it. I have attached a photo with 2 screenshots.

The one on the left shows my topic’s place in editor mode (where I really want it to be), and the photo on the right shows it in presenter mode. Is there a way to eliminate this movement of topics? I know it is not a big deal but in case of multiple topics, it would really be great to know they stay where I want them to, so I can make the most out of my canvas.
In case you need the link to my prezi: Log In | Prezi

Thanks so much for looking into this :slightly_smiling_face:

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There are two things going on here, but only one of them is intended.

In Prezi the background lives on a different ‘layer’ behind your content. When you move the camera, the background layer moves slower relative to the content. This creates a nice 3D like parallax effect, used in many presentations. Just don’t expect the content to stay fixed to the background.

The second thing, and this is a bug, is that the overview position of the camera is not at the same location in edit mode as in view mode, so when you create a presentation and switch between the two views, the background moves relative to the content. This can be annoying I have to admit and I don’t really have a workaround for this at the moment. It’s something Prezi needs to fix.


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I am trying to upload and use my own background, but the tool keeps overamplifying the size. The instructions say to use 16x9 ration, like: 1600x900, 2000x1125, 2400x1350, I have made it in all of these, but it still sooms in and crops out a big chunk of my image. Is there a way around this? Thanks

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The first post in this annoying topic ist well more than a year ago and the issue ist still unsolved by Prezi Team. How could that be? Are’nt you listening to your users, Prezi?

Hi @S_Vogel this is a feature implemented inside Prezi Next to give a zooming effect to your background. At the moment we don’t have any plans of changing it as many users find this feature useful - for those who don’t, a workaround exists, you can push the canvas out with a few objects.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for your reply, @Sam! This thread shows that this feature is implemented counter-intuitively for many Prezi newbies - me included.
What do you mean with “you can push the canvas out with a few objects.”? Could you point me to some documentation, please? TIA.

Hi @S_Vogel, it is possible to enlarge the canvas area on your background picture if you move objects in your presentation close to the edge as it will auto-adjust to the space you need.

You can highlight everything with CTRL + A (CMD + A on a Mac) and enlarge it until the background image is properly covered by the canvas.

Your other option could be to insert empty text boxes that you move to the edge of the canvas to enlarge it - if you keep these textboxes empty they will not be visible during the presentation.

Hope this helps!

Hi all - sorry if this is a silly question!

I am struggling to set the borders of the presentation… I need it to zoom out of the background… i.e. the background image is super zoomed in. If I hit fit image to overview it doesn’t fix it… any tips?

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Hi, I created a background with the sizes recommended: 18001000 px. But when I upload it it’s way too large, and fit image to overview doesn’t do anything. I also tried to insert a background of 1000700 px but the same, it enlarges the background way too big.

How do I solve this?

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Bonjour, lorsque je met une image de fond personnelle, celle-ci est très zoomer sur le Prezi, comment faire pour la dézoomer ? J’ai bien vu le petit cadre “ajuster l’image à la vue d’ensemble” mais cela ne change rien ?

Bonjour @Florent_RIOU , veuillez excuser les erreurs, j’utilise un logiciel de traduction. Prezi effectue automatiquement un zoom avant sur l’image d’arrière-plan téléchargée, de sorte qu’elle s’adapte à la vue d’ensemble et qu’il ne soit pas possible de la modifier pour le moment. En guise de solution de contournement, vous pouvez éloigner les cercles de sujet les uns des autres (plus près des bords de l’image d’arrière-plan) afin qu’une plus grande partie de l’arrière-plan soit visible. Si vous avez d’autres questions ou si vous avez besoin d’une assistance supplémentaire, n’hésitez pas à me contacter.

I have the same problem, no matter how small I make my image (I tried smaller than the recommended 1920 pixels) it does not shrink it properly to fit. I only get about half of my image in the frame.

What’s the point of having a “fit image to overview” button if it doesn’t work?

Hi @Advanced_Light_Sourc, could you please let me know what is the exact resolution of your image? If you could send me a screenshot of the issue I could better help you.