Resolution Issue w/ "new, improved player"?

Hello, I just created a presentation online using the web-based free version at I have created presentations with similar content previously where I allowed Prezi to resize imported images that were too large and never had this issue before… When I attempt to present, first, it takes forever to load, and then the images are low resolution. I noticed below the presentation it says, “You’re using the new, improved player. You can always go back to the old viewer. Switch back” and thought that might be the source of the problem. While that does improve resolution dramatically, unfortunately, I then lose the ‘fly-in’ capability and get downgraded to a simpler version. I have never had this issue before and since I’m on a fairly new (1 year old) laptop with a NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX graphics card and my Google Chrome version says it’s up-to-date, I’m not sure if this is some weird bug?

Hey @Elyse_Hottel, we’ve recently changed our rendering engine to WebGL which results in a higher load time but the image quality shouldn’t change too much. I’ve tried checking your latest presentation on my end and everything seemed to work as intended. The images seem to be in quite large resolution which increases the load time, however, the image quality wasn’t downgraded too much.

Are you still experiencing this? Let us know!