Restricting access

Prezi looks great, but how can i add this to my membership website (an online course) but only allow students to see it? Not download or share a link?
Is there a way that “require viewers to identify themselves before viewing” could be adopted for this purpose? or is the <iframe embed sufficient to block sharing?

Viewer identification is currently a feature that belongs to our Analytics functionality that comes with a Premium subscription. It might work in a different way that would fit your purposes, I’m afraid.

In case your membership site is only available for your students after logging in, then embedding the presentation to your site would be only visible for those who can access the content you share in your course.

@Peter_Liptak like you I use Prezi in my online course. Prezi doesn’t have controls that limit who can use the links. The platform I use to host my course can limit who can access the lesson and when. So I put the link into a single lesson and restrict the lesson using the platform’s controls.



Hi Robin, thanks for the response. So you use the embed? And do you use Teachable or Thinkific or some other platform? Finally, how are they hosted? do you have to pay for premium? and if you stop/downgrade, will they suddenly become public?

Yes, I have successfully embedded Classic prezis as text into the Thinkific platform. I haven’t tried embedding a Next prezi yet.

This probably isn’t the best forum for discussing course platforms. Why don’t you contact me via email.