Retrieve previous version! Please help


Hi there,
I accidentally erased some content from the presentation and I was wondering if you could help me to retrieve the version from Nov 30, 2018. I copied the new one so I will have also my last changes and then I can combine the two.

Thank you


Hello, @Mark_Livingston. Could you please share a link to the presentation?


I have just reverted the presentation. Please let me know if that is not the version you wanted.


Dear Lana,

Thank you for that. However there’s some confusion. I have an Akcess Point Presentation and a Copy of Akcess Point presentation so I am not sure which one you retrieved. I have made a lot of changes therefore I was wondering if you could be so kind to make another copy of a retrieved version of Dec 1st at 8 pm PST and call it RETRIEVED VERSION so that I can access the content got erased and changed and merge it with the current 2 version I have. Also, I think it would be great as a feature to have access to previous versions down the line


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I had to create a new version because I really need to get going and finish this project. If you retrieve the old version of the presentation (Dec 1st, 2018 after 8pm) please DO NOT replace the current version! instead, please create a new one so that I can copy and merge the content I need into the latest one.


Unfortunately, it appears that there are no saved version after 4pm on the 2nd of December, therefore, we would not be able to revert any content to the time you requested. I believe the first revert was the only option closest to the 8pm one that we can offer.


Hi there,
Actually I was asking for the latest version available on DECEMBER 1st not the 2nd…
Can you help?


Dear Lana,
So there are a few issues to solve cause there are a lot of changes we have been putting into the presentation in the last couple of days so I really need support. In case you can’t retrieve any version prior December 2nd please CREATE a new one and change the actual name of the file in "VERSION AP +Date " with the earliest version you have on Dec 2nd (since it got cancelled).

In addition please, also create another one with the version we had saved from Dec 5th. There were changes I was not aware and we need to find those…I don’t care if you want to retrieve each version from Dec 1st to Dec 5th but I need to find the information cause is nowhere else and there was a lot of work behind.

Thank you,


Got it reverted by chat!