Reusable presentation

Hey @Juan_Martin_Garcia_M at the moment it’s not possible to reuse created presentations - you would need to ask the owner of the presentation to share it with you.

Hope this helped :slight_smile:

Hello, I can´t copy this presentation (reuse icon on top), could you please help me?

Hi, Prezi team.

I can’t use a reusable presentation.

I would like reuse this prezi.

Hello @John_C_Montes_Rodrig, please check the reply above.

Hello @Luis_Huaman_Carhuas , please check the reply above. :smile:

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Could you help me with this presentation, also? It is reusable for sure.

Hi @Bernardo_Rozo_Lopez, as the linked presentation is a Classic presentation it is not possible to make a copy of it.
I would advise you to add the segments of the presentation to your Library and then reuse it in a new Next presentation.
Hope this helps!