Reusable Presentations

I’m considering using Prezi. I have not used it yet. Have been browsing the website and looked at Reusable Presentations to get an idea of how Prezi works.
I’m NOT impressed with one of the Reusable Presentations provided and want to bring it to somebody’s attention so it can be fixed / modified / revised. It is full of spelling errors, the dates are wrong and other information provided is questionable.

How do I bring this to the right person’s attention?
The presentation is

I’ve gone through all the Contact Us pages and all indicate I have to “Upgrade”. Why? And why can I not find a link or Email Form where I can lodge this complaint / concern?

Hello @C_Marenich, currently it is only possible to submit a support ticket with a Standard or higher license. I apologize for any inconvenience. Can you please provide further details on the spelling errors, dates, etc.? I’ll be happy to forward this to the responsible team.

Hello Sara - if you read through the presentation, the spelling errors are everywhere. The wrong words are also used. Dates are wrong in the timeline. Do you want me to review each slide and report, or can you do that on your own?


Hello @C_Marenich, I will forward your feedback to the appropriate team. Please let us know if there is anything else we can help you with.

Hello there,

I wonder if Sara forwarded my feedback to anyone yet. The reason I ask is because the Template Sample I complained about back in JUNE is still on your website - and it hasn’t been changed, revised, edited, or even had the spelling corrected yet. i.e. Opera Winfrey. Opera? Really?

When the author of this Template Sample doesn’t even know how to spell Oprah’s name, and the content of the rest of the Template contains incorrect information, I wonder whether anyone in your company does a ‘quality control check’ on a Template before it’s published on your website. The content of the rest of the Template I complained about contains information that was NOT researched properly, if at all!

Who does YOUR quality control in your company? Please have that person respond to this Email.

Thank you for your time.

Coleen Marenich

Hello @C_Marenich, I’ve reached out to our marketing team regarding this and they will replace the presentation with: The content of reusable presentations is based on user generated information, and is not accredited by Prezi. Our effort is to showcase how users have been able to use Prezi for their presentations. We appreciate your feedback, and we are taking actions to no longer feature this presentation.