Reuse a zoom area?

Am new to Prezi Next after having used Prezi Classic for a decade.

Is there a way to reuse a zoom rectangle? That is, visit a zoom rectangle once, zoom somewhere else (e.g. a smaller rectangle contained within), then zoom back out again? Or is it necessary to create a redundant zoom rectangle for the second visit?

Hello @Michael_Malak, if after inserting the zoom areas you’d like to zoom back out again, I’d recommend you to use the animation “Zoom out to Page”. I demonstrated how the whole process can work in this video.

Hope this could help, and please, let us know if you have further questions!

Thank you. Yes, I do use the “Zoom to Overview” quite a bit, when that is what I need. But my Prezi’s (in Prezi Classic) were very hierarchical, and often I need to zoom out to an intermediate level within that hierarchy rather than zooming out all the way to the top level. E.g. see my 2017 presentation Neuro-Symbolic AI for Sentiment Analysis - Databricks

I take it, then, that it is not a feature yet built in to Prezi Next? Is there a way to request that feature?

@Michael_Malak thanks for getting back to us and for sending the presentation as an example!

That’s achievable in Prezi Present as well, I’d recommend you to exclusively insert zoom areas instead of topics/subtopics. You can add all the content to your overview and add zoom areas across it.

Please, check this tutorial to have a clearer idea on how this can look like.

In this manner, you can also replicate the “empty canvas” that you had in Prezi Classic.

Let me know if you have further questions!

This is really a big problem that a zoom rectangle cannot be reused in the path. Please fix this. Now the only way to do this is to create many overlapping redundant zoom rectangles. Please fix this bug!!!

Hi @Cher-wei_Liang, this is currently possible in Prezi Present. You have to add one Zoom Area, then if you want to zoom to this area all you have to do it highlight the zoom area, then add a Zoom to animation. This will zoom back to the same area, so you don’t have to add any more than one.

Hope this helps!