Reuse Presentation Starting from Video & Edit

Hello, how can one edit a presentation they have “reused” from a video recording? I can navigate through the presentation but see no way to edit it. Per your website:

You can also reuse any video you recorded from your Prezi Video dashboard. Click the three dots in the video thumbnail and choose Reuse . The editor will load with all assets added to your video and you can easily record a different version with the same content (or modify/extend the content before recording).


Hi @Psych_Serves, could you please send me a screenshot of what do you see when you click on Reuse a video’s content? It should open the editor where you can tailor all the content to your needs.

Hi @Psych_Serves, thanks for the screenshot, this indeed looks like the recording section.
Could you please send me the link to the presentation you would like to reuse?