Reusing elements of a Prezi Next presentation



I would like to know whether it is possible to copy-paste a part of a presentation to include it in another one or any other way to successfully transfer a part of a presentation to another one. Many thanks in advance. Tom


You can copy-paste elements or even complete topics from previously created Prezi Next presentations. After designating the content you’d like to reuse, you can add them to your new presentation by using keyboard shortcuts.


This is one of the BEST reasons why I love Prezi Next so much!! It’s so easy to grab entire topics (animations included) from one Prezi into another in the new platform. Thank you for making my job so much smoother & more enjoyable as a result. :heart:


I am trying this but all in vain. Can you or Prezi Next created and share a screencast to see how one does it?

I give quite a lot of talks about the same topic but each talk is a variation on a theme and it would be useful to be able to reuse elements. It’s one of the things I miss about the previous generation slide software.


Please find the screencast here.

I have selected all the elements using CMD + A (CTRL + A for Windows) and then I pasted the elements into the other presentation using CMD + V (CTRL + V for Windows). As you can see in the GIF, the structure becomes linear and would need to be readjusted if necessary but the topic contents remain the same.

And here you can see how to reuse just one element, the shortcuts used are CMD + C (CTRL + C for Windows) and CMD + V (CTRL + V for Windows).


Can I move content from an existing Prezi Next presentation into a new one or do I have to recreate all over again?


Yes, you can copy and paste content from one presentation into another but please know there might be differences after pasting, depending on the template, presets, and etc.


Thanks Lana, but can I take a complete page (with animations etc) and copy it to a different Prezi next presentation?


Yes, you can do that and the animations should remain as well.