Reusing elements of a Prezi presentation

Yes, you can do that and the animations should remain as well.

Copy pasting animations doesn’t work for me, I have tried it several times, even within the same presentation using the same template. The animations always get lost. Is there some hidden preset I have to change?

@Lukas, could you please share your computer’s specifications with us? A link to the presentation would be really useful too.

In the meantime, I have tested copy-pasting animation on a Mac in Chrome and it appears to work:


Copy pasting an entire subtopic does work, but it’s not what I want to do.

I want to copy paste a selection of elements within a topic, and have their animations copied as well. Otherwise I end up with just a bunch of layered elements without animations and no way to efficiently edit them.

Alternatively, if copying the whole subtopic is the only way to go, I would like to fade in that subtopic in between existing animantions instead of fading it in at the very end. Is that possible?

Another thing that would give me a way to work around the problem somewhat would be to make a subtopic’s bubble invisible on the canvas. Ist that possible?


Nevermind this question. It’s doable by setting the opacity of the subtopic bubble all the way down.

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Although the copied topic/subtopic is added to the end of the path, you can switch up the order by placing the copied topic between existing topics, please check this post with a recommended workaround!

Hi Lana, I see in the screencast that it is possible but i am failing to do so.
I select a whole subtopic, either on the list on the left or directly in the canvas (by either using Ctrl-C or right click copy, it doesnt matter, the reult is the same) and go to the destination prezi and press Ctrl-V but nothing happens!

what may i be doing wrong?

BTW, if i copy just one element, like a text box, it works, but i am trying to copy a whole subtopic, animations and all…

Hello @Lino_Rodrigues, you have to firstly select the topic/subtopic in the canvas, press CTRL+C and paste it to the other presentation by using CTRL+V. You can also check this video on how to do so. Please, let us know if you were able to copy the subtopic now :slight_smile:

Hi Cararina, I have selected 1 or multiple subtopics at the canvas, pressed Ctrl+C, moved to the other presentation and CTRL+V and nothing happens.

If I select all subtopics and elements in the canvas by pressing CTRL+A, then copying and pasting it in the other presentation, i get the elements (images, text) that are on the canvas I am seeing, but not the subtopics on that topic.


Hello @Lino_Rodrigues, are you using a Mac or Windows computer?

windows 10.

is there a way i can send you a link to both presentations privately?

Just sent you a private message with the link

Hello @Lino_Rodrigues, it’s not possible to copy topics/subtopics from the Prezi Next editor to the PPT one because they behave differently :slight_smile: it’s only possible to copy them to another Next presentation.

Oh, I thought the one I was trying to copy to was a normal prezi presentation… How do in know it is a different kind?

Thanks, I will try with a new prezi from scratch…

Hello @Lino_Rodrigues, you can select the type of presentation from the dashboard:


It’s possible to recognise the difference between because in the PPT version you can see the content inside of the topics:


Thanks, I will try and let you know :+1:

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I’ve had a similar issue, actually. Copying Topics will work, carrying over all the nested subtopics within, but trying to do the same at the Subtopic level will only paste the first page. I’m wondering if it has to do with Planet vs. Stack types? My topics happen to be planets but my subtopics are stacks. (If I could put on the “wishlist” it would be great to be able to specify in both/either cases; copy everything or copy just the cover/first page.)

Hello @Plastic_Ingenuity, I have tested to copy a Planet subtopic with several Stack sub-subtopics to another presentation and it was possible to transfer all the content within it:


If you wish, you can send me the title of your presentations to test them :slight_smile:

I’ll try to shoot you a link later today!

Hello everyone,

I am editing a presentation that is now relevant to two different areas of Europe, rather than one as before. To segment the information in a way that is useful to the audiences, I would like to group several subtopics under one main topic into another layer. So it would be: Main Topic, Subtopics x 2 (France and Spain) and then branch out into the subtopics relating to each area.

I hope this makes sense and someone can help me with this! I often have to restructure presentations to respond to changing demands, so this knowledge would be super useful.

All the best,