Revert a presentation to a previous version

Hi! Requesting support to revert the following presentation to the September 30, 2019 version.
Grateful for a quick support.

Hi @Abhinav_Goyal, I have checked the presentation and I can see that it has been edited since you have requested the revert. Should I still do it? :slight_smile:

help my friend accidentally removed something can you revert it back to a previous version?
the date is the save before 1/24/19

Hello @chinh_phan, we have reverted the presentation, is this the version you’re looking for? :slight_smile:

yes thank you very much

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Hello I would like to revert my prezi to version1.6.3
Here’s the link:
Thanks for your help

Hello @omid_kazemi, we have reverted the presentation, is this the version you’re looking for? :slight_smile:


I would like to know if it possible to revert the content of my prezy on 31/01/2020 around 19:00 please ?

Here the link:

Thanks for your assistance !

Hello @Emeline_Maillot, we have reverted your presentation to a previous state, can you check if it’s the correct version? :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot Sam, you make my day !


I’m working on a group project and almost all of our slides got deleted.

Could you please revert our prezi to the original version from Monday, February 17 . This is extremely urgent, as we have our presentation tomorrow morning at 9:00.

Here is the editing link to our prezi:

Here is the sharing link to our prezi:

If you could please help me out quickly, I’d be extremely grateful.

Hi Brydn,

I have reverted the presentation to the latest version from Monday, February 17. You might need tp refresh your dashboard.

Let me know if you need further assistance, I’d be happy to help.

Is it possible to recover a previous saved version of a prezi? I accidentally deleted everything except my first page just a few minutes ago, but the undo button won’t bring back the previous version. Please help! I don’t want to start from scratch.

The prezi is called AWP: The Case for Digital Pedagogy

Hi @Jasmine_Sealy, I’ve merged your question to the relevant topic.
I have reverted the presentation to an earlier state, could you check if it’s good? :slight_smile:

@Bart It worked! Thank you so much :slight_smile:



I’m having trouble with my presentation (created online), things seemed to be out of formatting
here’s the link to it:

The last time it was saved was probably 16h00 or before that (GMT -3)

Thanks in advance,

Hey @Julio_Scheuermann we’ve reverted your presentation to an earlier state, can you check it?

Let us know :slight_smile:

Hey Sam, that’s it, the presentation is as it were again, thank you!

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Good afternoon, I want to retrieve a previous edition of my prezi next presentation.

I want to go back to April 02, 2020.

Hi @daniel_perez, I’ve merged your comment to the relevant thread. :slight_smile:
There is no save from 2nd of April, only 1st of April. Should I revert to that?