Revert a presentation

Hello @Aaron_Mays, I merged your post with the relevant thread. We have reverted the presentation, are you able to see the overview displayed correctly now? :slight_smile:

I want to revert my presentation to a previous version. All my work is gone and just the overview is still there. Here is the document: The last good version was there around 5:00 pm Central Standard Time. I have to finish this presentation by tomorrow afternoon, so if there is anyone who can help me I would appreciate it so much! I made my presentation in the free version but then decided to purchase the Prezi Plus version, but then decided I would rather just have the free version and cancelled my subscription.

Hey @Leslie_Puckett I’ve merged your request to the relevant thread. Can you check your presentation? We’ve reverted it to a previous state before the content loss.

Yes, it is the right version. Thank you so much!!!

Thank you,

Leslie Puckett

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Attempted to create video and it changed the format of our presentation. Can I get it reverted back to the save version as of around 2:00pm today.

Thank you

Hello @Joseph_Neukirch, I merged your post with the relevant thread. I can see you made some edits in the presentation meanwhile, would you still like us to revert it?

Hope to hear from you soon!

I saved changes to my Prezi and the updates are gone. It reverted to a prior version from Monday 5/12
How do I find my recent updates? Help!!

I need the May 14, 3 pm version


Hi @Mallory_Lachicotte, I’ve merged your question into the related topic.
Could you tell me which timezone the date 14th of May, 3PM is in?


I would like to revert my presentation to a previous version. There were changes made to the presentation in October 2019. Can I have it reverted back to right before those changes were made?

I have a free account that my work was using for a team building exercise, but a bunch of subtopic pages got deleted somehow in part of our presentation. The document was created on 05-19-2020 and updated as recently as late morning 05-20-2020, but this afternoon the pages were gone in one section. is there any way to revert to a version from around 10 AM on 05-20-2020? The presentation link is and it is called MYSTERY GAME. One of our team members is trying to rebuild the pages for a 5 PM deadline and I made a copy, but this one is without the deleted pages. Can anyone help us?

Hello @Lindsay_Davis, we have reverted the presentation, could you please check it? :slight_smile:

Hello @Adrian_Constantyn, we have reverted the presentation, is this the version you’re looking for? :slight_smile:

Yes, that was the version I needed. Thank you so much!

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@Bart, it was EDT
We called and spoke to someone at Prezi who said there was no record of any edits after 5/12 so we had to redo the work. So it’s done. Thanks for responding!

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I need help ASAP! I was working on my presentation and everything is gone. All my pages are the same. Is there any way someone can revert my presentation to the way it was earlier today (5/27/2020 at 9:30 AM)? I have no idea what happened. I didn’t push any extra buttons and I was careful to safe my work, but it’s gone. This presentation is due next week. Please help!

Here’s the link to the presentation:


Hi @ERC-Inc_Outreach, I’ve merged your request to the relevant topic.

I have reverted your presentation to a version close to the time you have requested. Please check it and let me know if it is the right version. :slight_smile:

I was working on one of my school projects ( a couple of minutes ago, until my wifi began to fluctuate between whether it was connected with the Internet or not.

As a result of the brief period of an unstable wifi, my Prezi ended up what I assume being saved in a corrupt and damaged state. Text is either flickering between visible or invisible, had been turned into blocks, certain icons and shapes are straight up invisible, and plenty other corruptions.

I’m just hoping if there’s a way to try to fix up the current state of the presentation, or if there’s a way to revert the Prezi back to a state before 7:50 PM today.

Hey @J_DT I’ve merged your request to the relevant thread.
I’ve checked the presentation and it seems that multiple new edits were made since - would you still want us to revert the presentation? Can you let us know the timezone you are located in?

Let us know :slight_smile: