Revert a presentation


Hello @Katie_Cooper, we are glad we could help :slight_smile:



Hi all,

Somehow, the contents of my presentation suddenly disappeared except the slide I was working on. It was working until about midnight. Now all of my topics and everything are gone, is there any hope of retrieving the information?

The presentation is for a graduate conference Saturday, and is the labor of many months of work, so quick help would be very much appreciated.

Thank you.

EDIT: here is the link to the remnants of the presentation…



Hi @Noah_East, I reverted your presentation to an earlier date, could you check if this is the version you are looking for?

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@Kata, Hi, can u help me to revert my presentation to the previous version? I edited the presentation without copying. I need info from the last version. Pls help…Here’s the link



Hi there, I reverted your presentation to a previous state :slight_smile: Please check if this is the version you were looking for.