Rotate and resize icon freezes Prezi Design

Hello everybody, hello Prezi Team :wave:

I use this for bug reporting.

If you rotate an icon and then resize it, Prezi Design freezes. Only a white background is shown. Better: first resize then rotate.
Can anybody confirm this?

General question: where is the best place to report bugs.


I closed the browser and logged into prezi again. Now I can no longer reproduce it. :man_shrugging:

Hello @Philipp, feel free to keep reporting any bugs in the forum!

If it happens again, please, let us now through here :slight_smile:

Hello @Catarina,

in this Design example the error has occurred again. When I resize the circle. It doesn’t always happen each session.
I use the Chrome browser.

Thanks + Greetings

Hi @Philipp,

I managed to reproduce the issue and have now reported it to our tech team!

Thank you,

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Hello @Ketija_Riteniece,

:ok_hand: thank you too.


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