Rotation Snap Feature Request


When making a rotation, can there be a feature that would snap to the exact degree of whatever was rotated beforehand? Or even to match a nearby object?

Example: You create a downward slanting line. You want text to rest directly on that line, parallel. And you want it to look exact (because I’m a stickler for details, or have a bit of OCD, you choose)… I would love for something to help me rotate that 2nd item to match the first. The text to match the line in this case.

And then say I want to create a Zoom Area around this, rotated to that degree as well. = Snap! and you’re set.

It would be helpful to make things align in a more professional manner.


Thank you for the idea, @Plastic_Ingenuity! We can see how it could be helpful.

Personally, when I need to do such an alignment, I enlarge the elements as a group – I find that it makes it easier to manually align well.


Seriously? No constrained or snapping rotation? Please put a rush on this request!