"Save a copy" vs. "Download"

On the Website there are the two buttons “Save a copy” and “Download”.

Always when I want to download a Prezi for offline use, I accidentally click “Save a copy” as I want to *save it to the disk*. But this actually just duplicates the Prezi online and then I have to get rid of the copy and download with the right button.

So I’d suggest to rename the “Save a copy” button to “Duplicate” or something similar not involving the word “save”.

Hi fabb,

this might be an effect of the paradigm shift ‘desktop -> cloud computing’ :wink: But you are right: it’s a little confusing. At another place we call the same function “Make a copy”. I’ll relay your idea to the developers.

Have a nice weekend!

Hey Katrin,

“Make a copy” would also be better, I guess.
Thanks for looking into this itsy bitsy issue :slight_smile:

Nice weekend to you too!

Website updated but same issue still there…

It was discussed internally, but apparently the responsible team decided to stick with what all other users got used to. I’m sorry and I’m sure you will get used to it sooner than you think.

I have been using Prezi for 2 years and didn’t get used to this button name. That’s awful!

i saw no save as well as download button on my page…what could be the problem please…i have to present in a day…m lost

Yes…I agree.

the same thing happened to me