Save Prezi Video in the Library

I don’t know how to save the video to my library. Text written in Help is only available in the presentation. Please tell me how the entire video is stored in the library. I’m in a hurry!!!

Hi @111122, could you please elaborate on that?

Which video would you like to save to your Library? Do you mean the library feature inside Prezi, right?

Could you please specify why would you want to save your video in the Library?

I’m going to include the video i made in my presentation. In order to do this, the video i made must be saved in the library. However, as per the help, the video is not saved in the library.

The entire 20-second video should be stored in the library. Once saved in the library, I plan to include the video in my presentation.

Please tell me how to put the video I made into the library inside the prezi.

Hi @111122, thanks for the clarification.

Currently, it is not possible to save a Prezi Video directly to your library.

You can, however, download your Prezi Video and upload this MP4 file into your presentation. Once this is done, you should be able to save this video to your library.

Hope this helps!