Saving a Prezi as text

It would be very useful to save my prezi simply as a series of texts separated by a carriage return, or even comma. It would help in proofreading, among other things.

Hi geoffnathan, I’m not sure that Prezi can do this directly yet - however if your desperate as a quick and dirty get around how about first making a copy of the Prezi concerned and then going in to edit it. You have probably thought of this but then Delete all the graphics and make sure that the path nodes are on all the text concerned or frames - then send to print (PDF). You could edit this PDF in Inkscape (free) or Adobe reader and get the text that way. Alternatively, I would just copy and paste into a text document opened on your desktop. If you’re up for it the text can be found in a downloaded .XML file - but this would be a long and tedius way of doing it.

It would be great to have the option to exclude graphics while printing wouldn’t it? I have left some flash goodies here to share which you can write into during a Prezi show - they may be of some use to you?…



Changing this to an “idea” so it can be reviewed by our team.

Here is how I did this (on windows)
1: download the lt-xml toolkit win32 binaries from

2: Save the prezi as a portable prezi

3: extract the content.xml file from the zip

4: run the following commands from the toolkit in a command window:
sggrep “.*/text” < \Users\dfelsenthal\Desktop\content.xml | textonly -s ^

You will be asked more? twice, the first time hit the enter key.
The second time type ‘> yourfile.txt’ (without the quotes) and hit enter.
The prezi text will be in the file yourfile.txt.

It will look like this:
C:\Users\dfelsenthal\applications\LT XML\bin>sggrep “.*/text” < \Users\dfelsenthal\Desktop\content.xml | textonly -s ^
More? > text.txt

A nuisance but not too bad.

Better yet put the commands in a batch file (mine was text.bat) (without the outer quotes)
sggrep “.*/text” < %1 | textonly -s ^

> %2

text.bat infile outfile

I’ve tried this but keep getting an error “Access is denied”. It worked once, but I didn’t realize that I needed to block and copy the output in the window to a word processor–it didn’t put it into a file (as I had expected it might). Perhaps I’m doing something wrong…

For anyone searching this old thread, a ‘transcript’ option is now available at the bottom - took me a while to spot it but it’s very useful and will be what most people are after I’m sure. 

Please, can you explain in detail the process of converting prezis presentations into text?

The transcript at the bottom of the page hasn’t updated to the final textual content - any ideas how that can be updated?