Say hello to Prezi Next!

We are excited to announce Prezi Next , our newest and most powerful presentation platform, is now available to everyone. From individual users to large business teams, Prezi Next raises the bar for creating and delivering presentations that are more memorable and engaging.

Designed with insight and feedback from Prezi’s 85 million users, Prezi Next is the only full-lifecycle presentation platform on the market that allows users to create, present, and analyze their presentations.

Prezi Next features a dynamic, flexible format that lets you navigate freely between topics and adapt on the fly, without having to flip through slides. By adjusting your delivery to focus on what resonates the most with your audience, you can keep them invested and engaged through a whole new style of communication we call “Conversational Presenting.” The result is more meaningful dialogues and better outcomes for presenters and audiences alike.

We added a host of new capabilities and enhancements to Prezi Next, including a streamlined creation engine and highly anticipated features like live analytics, private presenter notes, and cloud-based collaboration.

Prezi Next also sets the foundation for Prezi to adopt, support, and implement emerging and future technologies, such as the augmented reality preview that was presented at TED 2017.

NOTE: With the introduction of the new platform, Prezi is now Prezi Classic.

Read more about Prezi Next in this helpful article, this blog post, and the Prezi Next FAQ.

If you have any questions about Prezi Next, we’re happy to answer them on our new dedicated Prezi Next forum.

Totally agree with these sentiments. What Prezi Next took away far outweighs the meager benefits this cumbersome new platform offers. The decision to do this is nothing short of extraordinary. I’m particularly amazed at how I had to find an article through Google Search to explain what all was removed…things like simple grouping/ungrouping, favorites, logical pathing where you can see all content, easy ways to get to content. We are losing lots of time, as an agency, that we cannot bill to clients. It’s unbelievable how tedious it is to stuff that was relatively simple in Classic. Very disappointing. Sure hope you soon have an updated version of Next that turns the sinking ship around. I can’t imagine how you’ll compete with Ppt with Next. All of what I’m seeing in Next seems easier and better to do in Ppt. How could you let this happen? You’ve just thrown overboard most of the value in using Prezi.