SCORM compliance

Do you have plans to make Prezis SCORM compliant for the training industry?

So many instructional designers, trainers, elearning software providers, etc really want to get prezis into their corporate training platforms and learning management system systems. I could put it right now into an LMS serving thousands of employees if it was SCORM compatible. This is a huge and well funded market, plus you’d expose hundreds of thousands of business people to Prezi and they’d abandon PPT in a heartbeat. Please consider it and post/email reply. Thanks

Would love to help make this happen.

Hi guys,
Thanks for your ideas and support in making this feature happen. I have forwarded this thread to our dev team for consideration. We received hundreds of feature requests every day and we’re currently cramming to deliver a feature that users have been dying for…so I apologize in advance for a delay in response to this specific request. But it has been noted.


Hi team,

I am compelled to agree and add my support. May I point out that the end user market is comprehensively international and is likely to be hundreds of millions. SCORM compliance is the baseline to make that happen.

Hello Angelie,
Are Prezi SCORM compliant? Hundreds of millions are waiting.

Thanks Patrick

Totally forgot about this after our training program had to go to blackboard. yuck. can you give us an update on SCORM status. the UI improvements are great but not if you can’t expand your market. Scorm would do that instantly! please update us.

Hello Mike,

Any updates on LMS part… I am also looking how to implement Prezi in TinCan LRS in to WordPress LMS(Learndash/Train-Up)?


Still your Prezi not SCORM compliant? If not at least can your prezi platform track the user and generate a report? like name, mail id, time, complete/incomplete status, bookmarking, etc etc.

Pls confirm…eagerly waiting for your reply…


Agreed - I am both a corporate trainer and an adjunct faculty professor at a local university – these being SCORM-compliant / upload-able to a LCMS or LMS would be unbelievable fantastic.

Does anyone from Prezi have an update on this? My company is ready to purchase licensing but if we can’t use prezi on a SCORM based LMS or through articulate, we will need to seek a different solution and won’t be using prezi. Personally, I would really like to use Prezi considering the initial response from the draft prezi I created to demonstrate the end result of prezi’s ability!

Prompt feedback would be much appreciated! Prezi, if this is still falling on deaf ears after over 3 years, you are missing a HUGE business opportunity and I would think that might be quite a costly opportunity lost…

Seriously, has no one from Prezi responded yet? Our company is rolling out a new SCORM based LMS in January and we wanted to roll our website based classes created in Prezi into them. We’ve already renewed our Prezi licenses. Now it looks like I’m going to have to take everything we’ve done in the last year on our project and scrap the Prezi sections???

Thank you all for the input. I completely agree that being SCORM-compliant would be great. Please, bear in mind that Prezi is a startup, we’re not compliant with a few other things, either. We are working hard to implement important features. I hope we can come back to you with good news related to SCORM in the future.

You may also find this thread useful about using Prezi in a SCORM course:


3 years ago I commented on this need.  Adam, your reply is gutless, misrepresentative, and ultimately useless.  We have long deleted Prezi off our systems.  Thank you for your timeless reply.

Can i convert my prezi presentation into scorm?

Any updates on this thread, Dan your url doesn’t seem to work. I am looking at transferring my Prezi to my LMS. Please help with solutions if any. 

Hi Dan, I chanced upon your site and tried it with my first Prezi presentation and have sent it over to my LMS for a try-out. Fingers crossed it will work. Question - The original file seems to be quite big but after conversion, it’s onl 56KB. Is it correct?

Hey Dan I just sent you an email. I’m working with one of my Clients that would like to use your tool. They use the Pro version of Prezi and have been receiving a message that says “Permission Denied” after they put their Prezi URL into the bar. Any suggestions?

So I’m confused with this thread likely because I don’t understand the details of these systems but Is Prezi SCORM compatible?  That’s what I have been asked to find out for our integration into an LMS.

Were you able to get this issue resolved?  I attempted to use the tool and saw the same behavior “Permission Denied”.

Hey Dan, 

I’m having the same problem as Joe Drews. Above is the link to the Prezi Next presentation that i’m trying to load into my LMS. It is a practice presentation that I’ve set to anyone can view in the privacy section. Is that what you mean by setting the privacy to public?