Screen Blank - In Prezi Classic; Not in Prezi Next? - Using Logitech R400 Remote

I have a presentation I have been using for years in Prezi Classic wherein I use my Logitech Wireless Presenter R400 to black out the screen while I do static electricity experiments so as to make them more visible in the dark.

Given the upcoming demise of Prezi Classic I rebuilt the presentation in Prezi Next but was dismayed to discover the following:

  1. The Blackout button (bottom-right in image attached) no longer functions in Prezi Next
  2. The keyboard shortcut to black a screen in Prezi classic no longer works

Is there some other way to blackout the screen in Prezi Next? Though I only use this option rarely, it is vital to being able to run my static electricity program successfully as I need to have the room as dark as possible.

Hi @Richard_Blake, thanks for the detailed description.
I have tested the same bluetooth controller on my end and the blackout button does not seem to be working with Prezi Next. I have forwarded this feedback to our product team so they can look into it.

I have also tested the clicker with Prezi Classic and the blackout button seems to be working fine on my end. Could you try to reinstall the Classic Desktop App and try the clicker again?

The Blackout button works in Prezi Classic, and has all along. The Blackout button does not work in Prezi Next.

Hi @Richard_Blake, I’ve tested the blackout shortcut also on the keyboard and it seems to be working fine also. I’ve contacted our developers regarding the same feature for Prezi Next.