Search & find text in a large prezi



It would be great if there was a control f like find or search feature of prezi. That would make it easier to jump to different areas of a large presentation. Any way to do this today?


What you’re trying to do is currently not possible in Prezi Next, I’m afraid, but I’ll pass this idea on to our Product Managers.


What I would really like it is is the old version of Prezi. I can’t use Prezi next


Any progress on the search text within the prezi? I like Prezi’s format, but not being able to search text is pretty much a deal breaker for me.


It’s not on our short-term roadmap, but we understand its value and will share updates here once we have any.


Is there a way for a user to search the content of your presentation?


@Kara_Raymond, I have merged your question to the relevant thread. Currently searching inside a presentation is not possible, I am afraid.