Search function for ALL Prezis

First: Sorry for my eventually badly English, I’m a student at 12th class in Germany :wink:
Now my Idea: Why do you show only the popular Prezis on the “Explore” page?
It would be much better if you can browse through ALL Prezis, especially for idea-sharing…
This “Explore”-Site may be helpful for first-time users, but for advanced improvement of the layout techniques you have to see faults of others for not making them in future…
I hope I’ve helped you, improving your website :wink:

Hi Philip,

Thanks for the great suggestion. If you use the Search box in the top right corner of the site, you can search through all public prezis. Type in virtually anything to view hundreds of pages of prezis.


One thing about the search: I typed the exact, exact name of a prezi, and it did not find it at all. Why is this happening?

Yes, this was it, why I’ve posted this suggestion…

Hey y’all,

I’ll be the first to admit the Search function needs some work. I’m hoping for an update soon as well. There are literally millions and millions of public Prezis that the Search function is searching through, and it has a hard time locating Prezis with common (and maybe, uncommon) names.

However, Philip, you may want to make sure that your Prezi is set to Public, as Private Prezis are unsearchable. Also, choose a name that isn’t likely to be reproduced.

Sorry for the inconvenience,

I agree that this needs some work. An author search criteria would be particularly helpful. No need to reply. Just putting it out there.

the search function seems to return prezis sorted by DATE not by relevance. so ANY prezi that trips the search criteria (and i think they are set for OR mode rather than AND if you use multiple words) will be returned and the first page will always be sones CREATED over a year ago… Prezi’s created today will always be on the last page of results…


That was my experience as well.

Another observation about the search function - it seems to bring up multiple copies of the same prezi, which makes it take longer to scroll through the pages to find useful presentations.

It does seem like the public user profile pages has helped. I can send AP Biology folks to my public page to get access to all of my prezis. But still, better searching would be great.

I have found that if you put your name in the description field, your prezis are returned at the top of the results.