Search in a presentation


We have some obstacles regarding the use of the Prezi presentation we need to resolve so our sales team will use the presentation.

  1. Can you search in a presentation?
  2. Can you save some pictures to a pdf? If you want to mail that view to a customer for example
  3. Can you hide some images that you don´t want to show a specific customer?

Thank you in advance for answering the above!

All the best,

Hi @Bon-Hee_Jones_Svenss,

I’m afraid searching in the presentation is currently not possible, and only saving certain sections of it as a pdf file is not feasible either at the moment.

However, you can either export the whole presentation as a pdf file and send it as a handout to customers or create screenshots if you would only like to show certain parts of your content.

As for hiding images, I would recommend you to create copies of your presentations for different customers and delete the images you don’t want to present to them in each as “hiding” an image is only possible if you add a fade in animation to it, but this animation is by default included in the presentation path and if you use the arrows to navigate in your presentation, the animation will be played eventually.

However, if you only click on the topics to zoom in and you zoom out the same way, these animations will not be played, so you can leave out the animation that would fade in the image. I hope it helps!