Security on Topic link

Hi, I am new to Prezi next, but I am trying to read the forum topic on Free subtopics Make the most out of free subtopics

But when I click on it, my browser gives me a security alert that it is a possible phishing website:

Can you confirm the link is safe? sonhow it is sensing it goes to a domain in

Thank you.

Hello @Lino_Rodrigues, we can confirm the link is safe, could you please try to reopen it through here? Let us know if it’s working out :slight_smile:

Hi Catarina, thanks, I can see that page now. There is another topic for which I receive the same error.

the error seems to be concerning again.
Do you know why is this happening ? I get this to some of the post in the forum but others not.
It is a certificate issue on you side? a browser issue on mine?? How can I stop this from keep happening?


Hello @Lino_Rodrigues, thanks for sharing this information, this issue is happening from our end and we are still investigating it. As soon as we have more details I will let you know :slight_smile:

Could you please try to use a different browser to open the posts? Let us know if it’s working out!